Easy installation, cleaning & maintenance

The C-CUBE® manufactured in stainless steel is suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry where the unique shape of the C-CUBE® allows for easier cleaning and maintenance, supporting and promoting hygiene.


Hygienic, efficient and flexible

Easy to clean

Due to it's simple and open design, the C-CUBE® grating is easy to clean and maintain- even in very demanding environments where the smallest crack can contain millions of bacterias.

Optimal balance between weight and strength

Due to it's light weight, the C-CUBE® is easy to handle and to lift benefitting the ergonomic working conditions for employees.

Fully customised

We provide full support from design and development to test and delivery to customise the best solution to suit your needs.


Customise to your needs

For applications in the food and beverage industries, we can design, produce and deliver custom solutions to suit your needs; supporting your project requirements and criteria. We are specialised in fabricating gratings for various project types and applications. We always secure fast delivery and dedicated service for all customised projects.

ISO 9001 certification

EN 1090 certification

CE Mark Certified


CUBE® fabricated gratings and stair treads for every need.

Fabricated gratings

Download product information for the C-CUBE® fabricated stainless-steel gratings, for walkway and flooring applications.

Stair treads

Download product information for the C-CUBE® stainless steel stair treads for stair applications in food and beverage industries.


Would you like to learn more about the CUBE® Grating series?

Download our brochure here and get all the information, technical specifications and much more. Last but not least you can learn how the CUBE® Grating series provides superior quality through innovative next generation product design.


We are ready to supply customised solutions and stock dimensions.

Peter Webster, Sales Director - PcP Gratings Ltd


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