EN ISO 14122

Our CUBE® gratings for open steel flooring solutions comply to the European standard EN ISO 14122 and BS 4592 Part 0: 2006 + A1:2012.

Customised solutions

We are ready to help design your safe steel flooring solution according to your demands. CUBE® gratings are the perfect choice for safe steel flooring solutions.

Competitive prices

CUBE® gratings for steel flooring is the perfect alternative to 33x33 mesh gratings providing optimal balance between weight and strength without compromising safety and ergonomics.

Modern design for steel flooring solution

CUBE® Gratings for metal flooring

Choose CUBE® gratings - an optimal alternative to the traditional 33 x 33 mesh gratings for modern steel flooring design. CUBE® is designed and manufactured by PcP in Denmark and embrace design, quality and safety. CUBE® gratings can be applied for open steel flooring and access walkways in all industries whithout compromising safety or quality.

R13/V10 Slip Resistance

Tested according to DIN 51130 and BS 7976-2 2002.

1.5 kN load capacity

Concentrated load of min. 1.5 kN on 200x200 mm. or more if required.

35 mm ball proof

Complies to EN ISO 14122-2 and BS 4592 Part 0: 2006 +A1: 2012